Friday, November 4, 2011

Today we feature a poem written by one of the Guides at RiverBend Lodge - inspired by some of our younger, recent Guests at RiverBend. RiverBend Lodge is situated within the Nyathi (isiXhosa for Buffalo) Concession of the Addo Elephant National Park.

The Beauty of Nyathi Concession

Whether it be the dazzle of Zebra
,Black and White
Or whether it be the lift of the tail
,when a Kudu takes flight.
Nyathi Concession, without a doubt, now and forever
is a most beautiful sight.

It can be the flash of a Rhino
in the Spekboom hills
Or the danger of the Lions
when making their evening kills
Nyathi Concession, without a doubt
is home to excitement and thrills.

I love this Concession from the biggest game
to the smallest flower
whether it be from the tiniest vygie
to the Buffalo's power
Nyathi Concession will love in your heart, and a taste in your mouth
,that will never sour.

Thank you Steve.
We will be bringing more from Guest Bloggers again next week.

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