Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Movember" at RiverBend Lodge

Our Guides at RiverBend Lodge all grew moustaches during the month of "Movember"!!

Guests who stayed with us during the month of N(M)ovember requested that we show the 'Final Result'. - well here are images of our Guides sporting their 'accomplishments'!!

Our Guides even persuaded one of the Zebra's to join in the 'spirit' of things - he couldn't get the moustache thing right so he sports a Mohican instead!!!





                                                   The Coolest Zebra on the Plaines!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Rain at RiverBend Lodge this week

We have had some welcome (it was beginning to get a bit dry and dusty) rain this week. The Elephants have changed colour - from cavorting in the red mud.

Over the next few day's we will be bringing you news about a new Chef, as well as a very kind gesture from Africa Geographic and Africa Bird's and Birding which they have very generously made available to all Guests that stay at Long Hope Villa.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Summer Avian Visitor's to RiverBend Lodge

Throughout summer we have visits from Migratory Birds. Today we feature one of these - the Forest Buzzard.

FOREST BUZZARD  Buteo trixonatus

"Sexes - alike. Difficult to seperate from slightly larger (and usually darker Steppe Buzzard). Key feature seperating the 2 species are the blotched or streaked (not barred) underparts. Juvenile - more mottled above than adult, underparts heavily streaked or blotched. STATUS: Generally uncommon; only at a few localities with Afromontaine forest." (Roberts Bird Guide)

We hope to bring you an image of a Steppe Buzzard within the coming weeks.

Other Migratory Birds to look forward to include the brightly coloured European Roller and the beautiful Eastern Red Footed Kestrel also called an Amur Kestrel. They are normally here in late summer.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Have a great day from all of us at RiverBend Lodge!!!

The day did not get off to a good start........


.....after some breakfast....

...and a stroll with Mom.....

...things look a whole lot better.

Enjoy your day - from all of us at RiverBend Lodge!

You can view these images as a Slideshow by 'Clicking' on an image.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Elephant Family Group at RiverBend Lodge

The largest Elephant in this Family Group image is one of the males brought in from the Kruger National Elephant Park to increase the gene pool of the Elephants in the Addo National Park. Prior to importing these males all of the Elephants, in Addo National Park, were descendants of the original 11 Elephants which survived the slaughter of the Elephants in the Sunday's River Valley, which was halted in 1958. This photograph illustrates just how big he is - especially in comparison with one of the youngest members of the herd being protected between others of the Family Group. The baby was visible for just a few seconds before being drawn back into the safety if the Group.

Click on the photograph to view a larger version of the image.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recent postings about RiverBend Lodge

Read what Guests have had to say about their recent stays at RiverBend Lodge. We welcome comment and criticism that is fair. Please direct any particular problems to us directly. We are ALWAYS wanting to improve.
The Link to Trip Adviser is on our Home Page with the Links to our Facebook Page, Blog and Directions to RiverBend Lodge.
We are very proud of the Good Comments - however, we do take any criticism seriously, and use it to improve our service. And we have had 'the odd one out'!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Images from RiverBend Lodge

We bring you some photographs taken lately whilst on Game Drives at RiverBend Lodge

Friday, November 11, 2011

African Pygmy - Kingfisher at RiverBend Lodge

Paul McKinley sent us an image of a Malachite Kingfisher (Alcedo cristata) which inspired us to work together to capture some images of this small, beautiful and elusive bird. We went out on a mission. We got the Malachite......but we didn't bargain on getting an African Pygmy - Kingfisher!!!! (Ispidina picta) The smallest South African Kingfisher. The pinkish purple colouring distinguishes the African Pygmy from the Malachite. (With thanks to Joe Pringle - one of our extremely dedicated team of Guides at RiverBend Lodge).

The first 3 images are the Pygmy and the last two are the Malachite.
We hope you enjoy these images!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cape Chestnut - 2 weeks on...

On the 27th October we posted some photographs of a Cape Chestnut tree....this is the same tree 2 weeks later! The top image was posted 2 weeks ago. Spectacular!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Big Burger debate at RiverBend Lodge

The Big Burger Debate!!

At lunch over the weekend, one of our Guides ordered one of our Kudu Burger's from the lunch menu. The arrival on the table, his obvious enjoyment of it's consumption and and the remark he made on completion sparked a big debate - how can one make a claim "Well that's the best Burger in the world...."! -and expect to get away with it! After much 'heated' argument, and counter argument, the rest of us got him to withdraw his bold statement and settle instead for a more modest "Well...if there is a better Burger in the world....I'd like to taste it"!!
We'd like to hear from our Guests what their opinion is..!

                                     This is the Kudu Burger - which sparked the debate.

One of the other Guides settled on a Cheese Platter

And this plate returned from the Dining Room with a message to make any Chef feel proud!!!! The image says it all....

Friday, November 4, 2011

Today we feature a poem written by one of the Guides at RiverBend Lodge - inspired by some of our younger, recent Guests at RiverBend. RiverBend Lodge is situated within the Nyathi (isiXhosa for Buffalo) Concession of the Addo Elephant National Park.

The Beauty of Nyathi Concession

Whether it be the dazzle of Zebra
,Black and White
Or whether it be the lift of the tail
,when a Kudu takes flight.
Nyathi Concession, without a doubt, now and forever
is a most beautiful sight.

It can be the flash of a Rhino
in the Spekboom hills
Or the danger of the Lions
when making their evening kills
Nyathi Concession, without a doubt
is home to excitement and thrills.

I love this Concession from the biggest game
to the smallest flower
whether it be from the tiniest vygie
to the Buffalo's power
Nyathi Concession will love in your heart, and a taste in your mouth
,that will never sour.

Thank you Steve.
We will be bringing more from Guest Bloggers again next week.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Images of Kudu at RiverBend Lodge

Today we feature some images of Kudu (Tregelaphus strepsiceros) taken at RiverBend.

Some argue that the Kudu is the most graceful of all the Antelope, and few will disagree. Shy and elusive - a good sighting is not an everyday occurrence. Getting good images is also not easy as they tend to be 'out and about' early morning or late evening, when the light is trickiest.

Males can weigh up to 270 kgs and stand up to 1,5 m. Average age 14 years. (Pocket Guide to Mammals of South Africa - Burger Cillie)

"Habits - Form herds of  2 - 12 animals, consisting of females and their young or males. In the mating season, an adult male is accompanied by a few females and young. Out of season, the males go solitary or form bachelor herds of up to 6 animals. Kudu graze in the early mornings or late afternoon, and rest in the shade during the day.Very timid and take off at the slightest sign of danger." (Pocket Guide to Mammals of South Africa).