Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Dining Experience at River Bend Lodge...some insight!


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Chef Zayne has been receiving some high praise of late, with comments such as:

"That was the best food experience I have had at any game Lodge I have stayed at in South Africa, with a well thought out Wine List".

"The food at River Bend Lodge is Michelin Star standard".

So we thought we would bring you some insight, in pictures, of what goes on 'behind the scenes', and examples of what's been on the Menu lately.

Chef Zayne Grobler...'passion is paramount'!

Fresh is key!

Straight out of the garden.

A fusion of flavours...

....with a French influence.

A selection of Wines... 

sought out

especially to enhance your experience!

Good Morning

Breakfast....before or after your morning Game Drive

Lunch keep you going!

....and Dinner.....

...a gastronomic experience!!

We look forward to welcoming you.

(All images the property of River Bend Lodge. Use only with permission)