Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Summer Avian Visitor's to RiverBend Lodge

Throughout summer we have visits from Migratory Birds. Today we feature one of these - the Forest Buzzard.

FOREST BUZZARD  Buteo trixonatus

"Sexes - alike. Difficult to seperate from slightly larger (and usually darker Steppe Buzzard). Key feature seperating the 2 species are the blotched or streaked (not barred) underparts. Juvenile - more mottled above than adult, underparts heavily streaked or blotched. STATUS: Generally uncommon; only at a few localities with Afromontaine forest." (Roberts Bird Guide)

We hope to bring you an image of a Steppe Buzzard within the coming weeks.

Other Migratory Birds to look forward to include the brightly coloured European Roller and the beautiful Eastern Red Footed Kestrel also called an Amur Kestrel. They are normally here in late summer.

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