Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More on the Photography Workshop.....

More on the Photography Workshop....we are adding techniques with illustrations as we go along.


Elephants are ideal subjects for this technique.

Motion Blur and Panning

Motion Blur can lead to some wonderfully creative photography...even some very appealing abstract type of image. Panning and Motion Blur are not strictly the same technique...but the appeal and effect are similar in many ways.

Use of available Light

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First of the FAQ'S......."What species populate the Reserve around River Bend Lodge?"

How many species are present River Bend Lodge….the Nyathi Concession? What can we expect to photograph?

Whilst we will be targeting mainly Elephants, any other sightings will be ‘worked’ during our Photography Workshop. In other words, should we have a sighting that will be beneficial to the improvement of your Photography, or which can be used to demonstrate the use of a particular technique we will utilize the opportunity to it’s fullest.

Some of these aforementioned techniques will be demonstrated by way of illustration with a photograph in the coming weeks.

The Nyathi Concession on which River Bend Lodge is located is a 14 000 hectare expanse of land with 5 biomes – Subtropical Thicket (Valley Bushveld), Fynbos, Grassland, Forest, and Nama-Karoo.

Included in the list of Mammals are an extensive array of species; Elephants, Buffalo, Lions, Rhino, Kudu, Eland, Zebra, Red Hartebeest, Duiker, Aardvark, Warthog,  Bat Eared Fox, Bushpig, Caracal, Black Backed Jackal, Chacma Baboon’s, Genet (Large and Small Spotted) amongst others.

The Bird List exceeds 250 species (if one includes the migratory species), and includes Jackal Buzzard, Martial Eagle, Fish Eagle (there were a family raising young at a great location in 2013), Sunbirds (Malachite, Greater Double Collared, Amethyst are plentiful), Barbet’s, Honeyguide’s, Owl’s, Cuckoo’s, Kingfisher’s, Woodpecker’s, Roller’s Hoopoe’s, Bulbul’s, Robin’s, Warbler’s and others too numerous to have an exhaustive list here.

These images are for illustrative purposes only ...we hope those attending our Photography Workshop will go home with better images than these! All of these photographs were taken on the reserve on which River Bend Lodge is located.
(Images the property of River Bend Lodge and may only be used with permission)