Tuesday, August 12, 2014

World Elephant Day 12th August 2014

Being, as we are, situated in one of the world's most successful Conservation initiatives, the world renowned Addo National Elephant Park, we thought it appropriate to share some images of these magnificent beasts.

All of the photographs that follow were taken in the Nyathi Concession of the Park, which is where River Bend Lodge is situated.

Game viewing in this area is limited to guests of River Bend Lodge and you have an opportunity of experiencing some of the closest encounters possible with Elephants in the wild and in their natural habitat that you can have anywhere on earth!

We have developed a Photographic package which you can experience during your stay at River Bend Lodge and which can be tailored to your level of proficiency.

In addition to this package we are running a Photography Workshop with renowned Photographer Mark Drysdale in September of 2014....for which we still have a few places available.

See a Blog on this Link for some of Mark's images.

Here are some more images, all converted into Black and White,  taken by our in house Photographer
Michael Price with whom you can discuss your requirements during your stay.

Today is World Elephant Day....and we would do well to remember that as many as 96 of these wonderful creatures are being killed everyday in Africa because of man's greed!!

Please click on an image to view large screen. All images the property of River Bend Lodge and may not be used without permission.