Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some more of what we love at River Bend Lodge

We have said it before, and no doubt we will say it again, but one of the things which makes our Guides job such a pleasure is when the younger generation come and stay at River Bend with their parents....and bring with them their unbridled and boundless enthusiasm.

We experienced this again last week when the Hamiltons, from Franschhoek in the Western Cape came to stay. Nick and Anna Hamilton brought along their 3 boys, Jamie, Sam and Luc. Mikey Mouton, their Guide was amazed at their enthusiastic participation and interest in all he had to show them. Perhaps I am a little biased but I was also blown away by the passion of 11 year old Jamie's for Photography.

The boys returned excitedly from each drive with a list of animals that they saw, and Jamie has very kindly allowed me to share some of the Photographs he took whilst out on Drive...and one in the Lodge garden!

Luc, Jamie and Sam

Jamie....budding Photographer!

Here is a list of the animals seen by the boys...and Jamie's photographs of some of them.

Warthog, Lions, Elephants, Kudu, Ostrich, Waterbuck, Red Hartebeest, Zebra, Duiker, Baboons, Vervet Monkeys, Scrub Hare, Giraffe, Buffalo, Caracal, Porcupine, Spotted Genet et al

Enjoy the photographs...and well done Jamie. Thank you to all of the Hamiltons for coming to stay at River Bend Lodge and bringing your enthusiasm with you. Great to meet you, and, indeed, everyone who we had the pleasure of entertaining this past summer. We look forward to more of the same through the winter and next summer.

In my opinion any 11 year old beginner Photographer would have reason to be very proud of these Photographs.
We can tailor a Photography Course for whatever level of proficiency at River bend Lodge...and we take great pleasure in seeing improvement during Guests stay. We will soon feature some work from Ella Jackson (13) on our Blog.

Click on a photograph to view full size.