Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Game Drive

I had the privilege to go on a game drive with guests over the weekend; as Executive Chef I do not get to go on game drives nearly as often as I would like to. Shortly after leaving the lodge we found ourselves in the middle of a breeding herd of elephants; good news for those of us who love cute, cuddly and awkward baby elephants! We saw the three 3-week old calves and to watch their interaction with the rest of the herd and how protective all the females were, was beyond amazing.

As we continued with our drive, the general game viewing was excellent; Red Hartebeest, Zebra, Warthogs and Ostriches to mention but a few. We also saw a Golden Orb Web Spider. It’s not the largest of its species, but makes the largest and strongest web. It gets its name from the golden colour of its web.
We stopped for sun-downers at a section named Valley View. It is a quiet peaceful location in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The views of the surrounding valley from this idyllic location were stunning and photographs do not do it any justice.

On our way back to the lodge we saw a herd of African Buffaloes. They were happily grazing and after noticing us they ambled away out of sight without any concern. The game drive left me with a renewed passion and love for the bush.Come spend time at RiverBend Lodge and experience the natural beauty and exquisite game of the Addo Elephant National Park.

Hollywood at RiverBend Lodge

This month we were lucky enough to host renowned German actor Soenke Moehring, who has starred in a number of well-known movies, his latest being ‘Inglorious Bastards’ where he acted alongside Brad Pitt. He has recently finished filming his next big movie with Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, based on the true story of the disastrous Tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004. Needless to say, we were all quite star-struck and really enjoyed his great sense of humour.
He left us with very positive words: “Great People, Great Food, and Great Animals; should be called Heaven’s Lodge.”

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cooking demonstration

Tantalize your taste buds and take your love of chocolate to a new level at RiverBend Lodge. Executive chef Adriaan held a cooking demonstration for guests and showed them how to make a fabulous chocolate mousse cake with hand-made chocolate truffles.
Fun was had by all as chef Adriaan shared his recipes, cooking techniques and tips to make the perfect chocolate mousse cake for a dinner party.
The demonstration was held on our western veranda over looking the waterhole. After the demonstration guests sipped on refreshing ice tea and enjoyed smoked salmon & onion marmalade quiche, cucumber sandwiches, cheese platters and the decadent chocolate mousse cake that they just learned how to make.
Guests were then treated to a game drive and spent time with our herd of elephants as the splashed around the waterhole spraying water everywhere.
Cooking demonstrations will become a regular event at RiverBend Lodge.

“I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process.... It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?”
 What a glorious day to have a cooking demonstration.
 All that attended the demonstration.
 Chef Adriaan and Lodge Manager Stef.
 Guests marveling at the Ellies.
Spraying themselves with water to cool down.