Monday, August 19, 2013

Wine at River Bend Lodge

In addition to our offering of 'An Introduction to South African Wines' at River Bend Lodge we also host Wine Tastings from time to time, and we recently hosted Pieter Ferreira the Winemaker at Graham Beck Wines.

Pieter presented two of the five Graham Beck Wines Method Cap Classique (the name in South Africa for what is known in France as Champagne) four Wines from their new Game Reserve range as well as a Dessert Wine.

From the Method Cap Classique range we tasted the Graham Beck Brut NV as well as the Graham Beck Brut Rose NV. These were followed by The Game Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and the Game Reserve Chenin Blanc. The two Red Wines were The Game Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and The Game Reserve Shiraz. To end off the tasting we were treated to the Graham Beck Rhona Muscadel.

All of Wines tasted were accompanied by a canape prepared by our Executive Chef Kelly Liggett and his team in the kitchen.

Our Wine List philosophy at River Bend Lodge is to provide our Guests with a choice of Wines...many of which are not available in Supermarkets and Liquor Stores. Our reasoning behind this approach is that we try to balance the 'mass produced' Wines with those which are a little less easy to come by because they may be limited, for various reasons, but which express the Terrior of the variety in South Africa.

Guests at River Bend Lodge can call upon our very own Wine Enthusiast to help them choose their Wines or, on request, might wish to learn more about South African Wines by enjoying a presentation of our Introduction to South African Wines accompanied by a Tasting of four Wines....usually two Chenin Blancs and two Pinotages as they both have a uniquely South African story.

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