Sunday, October 21, 2012

Heavy Rains in the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape has experienced some heavy rain in the last week which caused serious damage and flooding in some parts.

A section of the N2 between Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth has been washed away and the towns pf Port Alfred and Bushmen's River have been seriously impacted by damage.

At River Bend we were unable to get out for a few a day or two but all is back to normal now.

The rain will ensure plenty of grazing going into well as plenty of wallowing areas for the Elephants!!!

These are some photographs taken from the west of the River Bend Lodge looking back. This is just one of the 'lakes' we look forward to see the Elephants enjoying on a hot day. You can be assured that when they do we will be doing our best to get some great images....and Guests who are fortunate enough to be here at the time will have an unforgettable experience!!!

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