Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Introduction to Photography Course at River Bend Lodge

We have had a very encouraging response to our Introduction to Photography Course at River Bend Lodge.

The intention of the Course is to move aspirant photographer's from relying only on the Auto Mode of their camera's....and to explore the other Modes available, and to experience for themselves, the creative capabilities of modern Digital cameras.

We begin with an Introduction to the Exposure Triangle and move on to practical investigation of the various applications of Exposure (ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed) and how these are used in different combinations and in different lighting circumstances to achieve the desired results in various techniques.

We await some images taken by our students to illustrate what can be achieved in a very short space of time....when changing from that prescriptive Auto Mode!!!! In the meantime these images were taken on our last Course...illustrating some of the techniques we explored. All Images taken at River Bend Lodge and Nyathi Concession.

Using Fill Flash to achieve various backgrounds..dark (above) and white (below)

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) for a more abstract images (above)



Portraits, indoors and outdoors, using natural light

The creative effect of Slow Shutter Speed...as on water, above

Wildlife...with.... and without, Telephoto Lenses

We will post more information about the Course with images and comments from one or two of the Guests who have availed themselves of this facility.
We try to keep this Introduction to Photography purposefully uncomplicated...it is designed to encourage those people who need an explanation of how best to learn more about their cameras.

(Click on an Image to view a larger version. All Images the property of River Bend Lodge and may only be used with permission).

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