Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eastern Red - Footed Kestrel (Falco amurensis)

We recently posted that we were expecting more summer avian migrants.....the Eastern Red - Footed Kestrels are here, and indeed, all over the Eastern Cape......remarkable birds!!

These Raptors (also known as Amur Falcons) "perform the most extraordinary migration of any raptor occurring in Africa: from it's breeding grounds in Eastern Asia via India across the Indian Ocean (over 3 000 kms of open ocean) to Eastern Africa and on to Southern Africa, where it spends the Southern Summer. Far migrating birds are considered good eating by some African communities. Gregarious at all times, often perching on telephone wires or fences."

"Breeding: Breeds in Eastern Siberia, Mongolia, Northern China and Korea. Uses the tree nests of mostly ravens and magpies. May breed in loose colonies"

Source: Sappi Raptor Identification Guide by Ulrich Oberprieler and Burger Cillie


Female in flight


We  will do our best to bring you a photograph of a Male....but as in all Wildlife Photography, we cannot promise!

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