Monday, October 31, 2011

Chef Sophy Bennet and her favourite Malva Pudding Recipe

Today we introduce you to one of the chefs at RiverBend Country Lodge - Sophy Bennett.

Sophy Bennett was born and raised in Addo. She is married to Andrew and they live in Nomathansanqa near the village of Addo, with their 4 children - the last 2 being twins. Apart from the influence of Chefs she has worked with at RiverBend, Sophy also picked up a lot of her skills from Dessie Price (now Botha), daughter of Wimbledon Single's Finalist in 1961, Sandra (Reynolds) Price. Dessie now runs a restuarant in Port Elizabeth -

We caught up with Sophy whilst she was preparing breakfast, so unfortunately we don't have an image of her favourite recipe - featured below - but this is what some Guests were having after their return from an early morning Game Drive.

Sophy has worked at RiverBend Country Lodge for 11 years. Her favourite recipe is for Malva Pudding served with a Creme Anglaise and Ice Cream. Decadent and delicious.

Here is her recipe:

Butter                           30mls or 2 Tablespoons
Apricot Jam                 15mls or 1 Tablespoon
Egg                              1
Sugar                           125 mls or 1/2 cup
Milk                             125 mls or 1/2 cup
Bicarbonate of Soda     5 mls or 1 Teaspoon
Vinegar                        15 mls or 2 Teaspoons
Pinch of salt
Cake Flour                   250 mls or 1 cup

Cream the butter and sugar together.
Beat in the egg yolk - get it light and fluffy
Disolve the Bicarb in the milk
Add the milk to the creamed mixture, alternating with the flour and salt which have been sifted together.
Lastly add the vinegar and stir.
Pour the mixture into a rounded dish. Bake - with lid (or foil) for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Sophy likes to serve the Malva pudding with a slight twist to the Creme Anglaise in that she adds a bit of Liquer - try any of your favourites.

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