Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rain At Last

The River Bend plains have been converted from dry, thirsty bushveld to evergreen, lush terrain, rivers are flowing and dams are full! Needless to say the animals as well as humans are all jumping for joy after the 80 odd mils of rain we had during the last few days! Sightings of the European Rollers continue to mesmerize our guests as well as the latest exciting find – the very illusive honey badger!  Once spotted by Joe and his guests after a nasty run-in with a porcupine and then again with pups in her mouth – which is great for us as hopefully we will be seeing more of this magnificent creature. We hope the rains come again to relieve the intense February heat but for now we are enjoying the green plains over run with game! 
 A buffalo enjoying the water.
 RiverBend guide Joe Pringle at the now full river.

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