Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reviews and Roadblocks - Greetings from RiverBend Lodge

Should you wish to avoid the mad rush that can be encountered at this time of the year - here is the ideal place to do it.

Don't take our word for it though - go and check, (on the Trip Adviser link on our Website Homepage), what our Guests (note the Capital 'G') have to say about their stays at RiverBend Lodge. I will quote from some recent reviews!

"Highlight of our Trip" (Chook-in-Sweden 27th Nov 2011)
"Truly Outstanding" (Nailbiter London 27th Nov 2011)
"Mindblowing" (Flackwell 26th Nov 2011)

These are some the comments from the reviews...!

"This (RiverBend Lodge) was the absolute favourite part of our trip....."
"Joe (one of our Guides) was awesome...."
".... Steff and her crew made us feel like we were the most vip Guests (Capital added) they had ever had..."
"Julia was not only a sweet and caring lady, but extremely professional and competent and our baby loved her..."
"My only complaint was that 2 nights was way too short and I was wishing we had stayed a couple more.."
"This was truly a wonderful experience from start to finish".
"Steff (RiverBend Lodge Manager) and her team were excellent".
"Steve, our game driver, was excellent and knew his subjects".
"I would not hesitate to recommend".
"But it was personal care I have not experienced before from a hotel manager".
"I just also want to give the chef the thumbs up as the food was absolutely devine and the best meals we had eaten in South Africa".

So if you would like to indulge yourself, away from the 'maddening crowd', come and experience this kind of Roadblock at RiverBend Lodge this Christmas!!

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