Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Images of Kudu at RiverBend Lodge

Today we feature some images of Kudu (Tregelaphus strepsiceros) taken at RiverBend.

Some argue that the Kudu is the most graceful of all the Antelope, and few will disagree. Shy and elusive - a good sighting is not an everyday occurrence. Getting good images is also not easy as they tend to be 'out and about' early morning or late evening, when the light is trickiest.

Males can weigh up to 270 kgs and stand up to 1,5 m. Average age 14 years. (Pocket Guide to Mammals of South Africa - Burger Cillie)

"Habits - Form herds of  2 - 12 animals, consisting of females and their young or males. In the mating season, an adult male is accompanied by a few females and young. Out of season, the males go solitary or form bachelor herds of up to 6 animals. Kudu graze in the early mornings or late afternoon, and rest in the shade during the day.Very timid and take off at the slightest sign of danger." (Pocket Guide to Mammals of South Africa).

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