Monday, November 7, 2011

The Big Burger debate at RiverBend Lodge

The Big Burger Debate!!

At lunch over the weekend, one of our Guides ordered one of our Kudu Burger's from the lunch menu. The arrival on the table, his obvious enjoyment of it's consumption and and the remark he made on completion sparked a big debate - how can one make a claim "Well that's the best Burger in the world...."! -and expect to get away with it! After much 'heated' argument, and counter argument, the rest of us got him to withdraw his bold statement and settle instead for a more modest "Well...if there is a better Burger in the world....I'd like to taste it"!!
We'd like to hear from our Guests what their opinion is..!

                                     This is the Kudu Burger - which sparked the debate.

One of the other Guides settled on a Cheese Platter

And this plate returned from the Dining Room with a message to make any Chef feel proud!!!! The image says it all....

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