Thursday, April 18, 2013

What the fuss was all about!!! The newborn Elephant calf.

On our Blog yesterday I wrote about the behaviour of part of the Elephant herd on Monday evening, and what we thought the reason for this behaviour was. I am pleased to say we guessed correctly. This is a short account of some time spent with some of the herd this afternoon.

At around 2 pm I noticed a herd of Buffalo wandering across an open area near the Lodge and, sensing a photo opportunity, I rushed out. Whilst watching the Buffalo I also noticed a small family group of about 15 Elephants on the plain to the west of the Lodge. There had to be a reason that this group was not with the main herd! Could it be that Monday's newborn calf still needed to be on less strenuous terrain......? I hoped ....maybe fortune would smile on me and I would get a clear shot of the calf where the grass was short enough and there weren't too many of the family group around. I've tried this before....many times, never with much success. The newborns are always sandwiched between the mother and one of her older calves.

Driving very slowly, I rounded a bend....and this was my first sighting!

Having a nap....!

For the next 20 minutes I stayed with the group as they grazed and wondered past the Lodge, while the current Guests came to the perimeter fence to take photographs themselves and get a closer look. All the while the Elephants grazed contentedly while I concentrated on getting a clear shot of the patience was rewarded, and here are some of the results.

Below is the Link to another Blog about an Elephant calf born in early March 2012.

(Click on an image to view a larger version. All photographs are the property of River Bend Lodge and may only be used with permission)

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